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PSY 301-01 Developmental Psychology

Dr. Hall

Fall 2006


Instructions for Papers


Two articles have been placed on E-reserve in the library.  One is by Lauren Binnendyk & Kimberly Schonert-Reichl. The other is by Diane Halpern.  You can access them through ELI/Library E-reserve or use the hard copies which are on file at the circulation desk.  They are filed under my name (Terese Hall) and this course number (PSY 301-01).


Your project for this class will be a critical analysis of these two articles.  The paper on the Binnendyk & Schonert-Reichl article will be due Tuesday, October 10, at the beginning of class.  The paper on the Halpern article will be due Tuesday, November 21, at the beginning of class.  You may turn in either or both papers early.  Penalties for late papers are explained in the course syllabus.


Style instructions for Binnendyk & Schonert-Reichl paper:

·         The paper should be double-spaced with 1” margins.  Do not triple or quadruple-space between sections of the paper—double space everything.  Use Times New Roman, 12 pt. type.  It should be about 5 to 7 pages in length, and each of the four sections should be about the same length.  Penalties will be assessed for papers under 4 ¾ pages.

·         Your title page should include: (a) the following title centered at the top—Critical Analysis of Binnendyk & Schonert-Reichl Article; (b) your name in the center of the page, and (c) two lines at the bottom of the page giving the course name & number and the date.  Do not use running heads.  Your title page is not numbered, and it is not counted in your page total. 

·         The first page of your text should have the title centered at the top again, 1” from the top margin.  There is no page number on the first page. Double space after the title and begin the body of the paper.  The second page of your text should have the number “2” in the upper right corner, 1” from the top, with a double space between the page number and text.  Each subsequent page should be numbered sequentially in the same way. 

·         You need not give citations for material you reference from the article itself, but if you use a direct quote, you must enclose it in quotations marks and give a page number.  Limit your quotations—I can read the paper myself, what I am interested in is your understanding of it.  It is not necessary to include a reference list entry for the article itself, so you will only need a reference page if you cite other sources.  If you do cite other sources, follow APA citation and reference style. 

·         The paper is worth 50 points.  Content will count 35 points, and style (grammar, syntax, spelling, etc.) will count 15 points.  My pet peeves are sexist language and failure to use parallel construction.

Content of Binnendyk paper:  Your paper must address each of the following issues:

1.        What do the authors mean when they say the Harry Potter stories are “classic fairy tales”?  Describe the main points in the authors’ argument that the Harry Potter stories are “moral narratives.”

2.        Describe the main points in the authors’ argument that Rowling’s characters match Kohlberg’s stages of moral reasoning.

3.        How do the authors suggest these stories could be used in education?

4.        Your reflection—what do you agree with in this article?  Disagree with?  Support your argument.


Style instructions for Halpern paper:  Follow the same basic typing format as the first paper, but this paper will be in outline form rather than text.  I want you to outline the major points of Halpern’s article, using appropriate headings and subheadings.  Complete sentences are acceptable but not necessary.  You should have at least three levels of heading (excluding the title).  There should be seven first-level headings, preceded by Roman numerals, and these will use the major headings in the article.  For example, the first two will be:

                 I.  Families Are Changing

                II.  Effects of Maternal Employment on Children

The second-level headings (A, B, C, etc.) and third-level headings (1, 2, 3, etc.) will vary depending on the content of each section.  You must demonstrate that you have grasped the major points.


This paper will count 100 points, 70 points for content and 30 points for style.