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PSY 301 Developmental Psychology

Unit Test #1 Review


·         Meaning of lifespan development, different areas studied, in general what stages represent

·          “cohort effects” – what it means, examples

·         Meaning and impact of race and culture

·         Meaning of history-graded, age-graded, etc. effects on development

·         Multiple births—reasons and trends

·         Sequence & length of stages of prenatal development, what occurs generally in each

·         Genotype vs. phenotype, polygenic inheritance, multifactorial transmission

·         Psychological disorders with genetic component

·         Definition of “teratogen” and some common ones, when have greatest effect

·         Definition of zygote, embryo, fetus

·         Apgar scale

·         Effects of anesthesia during labor and delivery

·         Different childbirth methods (Lamaze, etc.)

·         Preterm & low birthweight babies—definition and problems

·         Infant mortality – definition, rate & reasons in U.S.

·         Principles of development (proximodistal, cephalocaudal, etc.)

·         Development of nervous system

·         “States” in infants

·         SIDS risk factors & stats

·         Reflexes

·         Malnutrition & failure to thrive

·         Visual preferences of newborns

·         Meaning of “assimilation” and “accommodation”

·         Characteristics of sensorimotor stage, meaning of  object permanence & mental representation

·         Holophrases and telegraphic speech

·         Chomsky and language acquisition

·         Baby facial expressions, emotions

·         Stranger anxiety

·         Social referencing

·         Age of empathy capability

·         Ainsworth work on attachment

·         Secure and insecure attachment – definitions and characteristics

·         Thomas & Chess temperament styles

·         Goodness of fit concept

·         Erikson’s stages of trust/mistrust & search for autonomy