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History and Systems of Psychology

Essay Assignment #2

Due Thursday, February 12, 2009



We have discussed three major epistemologies (ways of knowing truth):




In a typed paper, about 5 pages in length, discuss the following:


Track the use of these three major epistemologies through (1) the Greek philosophers (Plato and Aristotle); (2) the Middle Ages; (3) the Enlightenment; and (4) the Romantic critique.  Identify the major epistemology or epistemologies of each of the 4 eras/groups.


How are your beliefs about people, psychology, and faith affected by Enlightenment (modern) views?  By the Romantic (postmodern) critique?






Please use a cover page, and type the body of your paper in TNR 12-pt font with 1 margins, double-spaced throughout.  The page requirement does not include the cover page.