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History & Systems of Psychology

Homework Assignment #5


Due Tuesday, April 21, 2009


  1. For each of the three major philosophical epochs identified in “Premodernism, Modernism, & Postmodernism: An Overview,” describe in your own words:
    1. Time frame
    2. Major epistemology (“way of knowing”)
    3. Sources of authority


  1. Summarize the role of the modern worldview in the free will-determinism debate, as described in Olsen’s article, “Free Will and Therapeutic Change.”**


  1. Summarize Olsen’s main point in the subsection of his article titled “Narrative Deconstruction and Free Will.”


  1. Based on what you have read in these articles and learned in class, give your thoughts about the contributions of modernism and postmodernism to psychology.




**You have the first few pages attached.  If you would like the entire article, it is available in the library E-reserve under my name.