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Social Psychology by David G. Myers 9th Edition
The Self in a Social World
Self in Social World
Social surroundings shape our self-identities AND self-interest colors social judgments
Examples of interaction:
Spotlight effect
Illusion of transparency
Overestimate attention to social blunders
Self-Concept: Who Am I?
Self-reference effect

Possible selves

Self-Concept: Who Am I?
Development of the social self
The roles we play
Social identity
Social comparisons
Other people’s judgments
Self and culture

What Affects Self-Concept?
Self-Concept: Who Am I?
Explaining our behavior
Predicting our behavior
Predicting our feelings
Mental processes that control behavior are different from those that explain it.
Perceived Self-Control
Locus of control
Learned helplessness versus self-determination

Learned Helplessness
Self-Serving Bias
Explanations for positive and negative events
Can we all be better than average?
Unrealistic optimism
False consensus and uniqueness
Self-esteem motivation

More on Self-Concept
Self-Serving Bias
Reflections on self-efficacy and self-serving bias
The self-serving bias as adaptive
The self-serving bias as maladaptive

False modesty
Impression management

More on Self-Presentation