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Dr. Hall's Class Pages

Developmental Psychology, PSY 301
History and Systems of Psychology, PSY 354
Social Psychology PSY/SOC 212
Advanced Psychology Seminar, PSY 423
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Advanced Psychology Seminar, PSY 423

Course Description:

A discussion of contemporary figures and topics in the areas of sensation and perception, cognition and complex human learning, and the applied areas of industrial and educational psychology. Prerequisites: PSY 201, 305, and 322


Week Subject

1       Introduction to course and policies

2-6   Unit 1: Stress & coping

7      Review, Exam on Unit 1

8-11 Unit 2: Psychopathy & youth violence

12     Review, Exam on Unit 2

13-14  Student presentations

No textbook is required for this class.  Readings will be drawn from current journal articles and other professional literature.