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Dr. Hall's Class Pages

Developmental Psychology, PSY 301
History and Systems of Psychology, PSY 354
Social Psychology PSY/SOC 212
Advanced Psychology Seminar, PSY 423
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Developmental Psychology, PSY 301

Course Description:

A study of the theories and knowledge of human development throughout the life span. Examines the mutual interdependence between the developing individual and his or her various social systems, including family, groups, organizations, and community. Topics include developmental theories, stages of development, normal developmental tasks and milestones, developmental problems, human diversity, and the behavior dynamics assessment model. Prerequisites: BIO 101 Principles of Biology; PSY 201 Principles of Psychology

Required textbook:  Feldman, Robert S. (2008). Development across the life span.  Pearson/Prentice Hall.


Course Calendar

Paper Assignment



Notes Chapter 1     Notes Chapter 2

Notes Chapter 3     Notes Chapter 4  

Notes Chapter 5     Notes Chapter 6   

Notes Chapter 7    Notes Chapter 8  

Notes Chapter 9     Notes Chapter 10

Notes Chapter 11   Notes Chapter 12

Notes Chapter 13   Notes Chapter 14   

Notes Chapter 15   Notes Chapter 16

Notes Chapter 17   Notes Chapter 18

Notes Chapter 19


Review for Unit Test #1

Review for Unit Test #2

Review for Unit Test #3

Review for Unit Test #4

Review for final exam